We're building the world's
most capable AI for all speech tasks

We're building the world's
most capable AI
 for all speech tasks

Our vision is to empower developers and businesses to better connect with their audiences at scale.

How we work

We started MetaVoice with the goal of bringing the best speech AI to the widest community of developers and businesses.

We're a small product-driven team with high scientific standards.
We care deeply about making users happy, this entails building intuitive, helpful & delightful products.
We bias for action, viewing speed to be a competitive advantage.
We're creative, building the best speech AI requires challenging the status quo.
We operate with high levels of transparency and individual ownership, fostering strong team spirit.

Who we are

7pc, Lattice Fund, Entrepreneur First, Alliance.xyz, Connect Ventures, Amar Shah (Co-founder, Wayve.ai), Rob Bishop (VP Product at Twitter, Co-founder at Magic Pony Technology), Balaji Srinivasan, Razvan Ranca (Co-founder, Tractable.ai), Ben Fielding (Co-founder, Gensyn.ai), etc.

The values that drive
everything we do

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Leadership team

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Who are we?


Machine Learning Scientist | Formerly Amazon Alexa & Cambridge Uni


ML & Software Engineer | Product Manager | Formerly Wayve AI self-driving & Microsoft


Prior NFT & AI Startup Founder | Formerly FinTech & Oxford Uni



Q1 2022
Be an OG. Join the Discord & test our private Beta. Get ownership in a project building for the long term.
Q2 2022
Voice conversion NFT release
Staged release of the world's first voice conversion NFTs. Planned support for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu.
Q3 2022
Community requested enhancements
Learn from real world usage. Listen to the community. Add features. Improve quality, reduce latency & more.
Research Milestone 1
Design your own unique voice
Expand the range of unique voices available. Explore user designed & approved celebrity voices.
Research Milestone 2
Accent conversion
Feeling French or British today? No issues: press a button, and embrace your new identity fully.
Research Milestone 3
Anonymise all aspects of how you talk
Change how fast you speak, when you pause, what tone of voice you use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which platforms can I use the voice on?

All of them! The converted voice gets served via a virtual microphone on your Mac or Windows device. This means you can use the voice in over 800+ platforms including Discord, Zoom, Twitter Spaces, Google Meets, VR Chat, Sandbox, Gaming etc.

When can I use these voices?

We expect to be launching fully in Q2 this year. Before then, come join the Discord to get access to our early Beta tech & be part of building the future of voice in the metaverse.

Will I own the voice identity?

If you buy a unique voice NFT, you will own usage rights to that unique voice identity. Of course, you could trade this on a NFT marketplace if you wish, at which point you will no longer be able to use it & will transfer ownership to the new owner.

How many voices will I get?

We haven't decided yet. We will likely sell a number of completely unique 1/1 voices that can only be used by the NFT owner, ideal for unique pseudonymity. We are also considering providing 'voice pack' NFTs for those more interested in playing with many different voices.

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