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Become your online identity with ultra realistic, real-time AI voice changing on any platform.

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Customise your voice in real-time.

We use AI to change voice identity in real-time while preserving human emotion & voice quality. Whisper, shout, laugh & cry in online communities, conferencing, social platforms & games without missing a beat.

Ultra Realistic.

Cutting-edge AI converts your voice while maintaining emotion & sounding human. We help you find the perfect voice to match your avatar or whoever you want to be online.


Speak as you normally would. Be heard in real-time. Our ultra low-latency, on-device technology allows you to communicate anywhere with zero friction & preserve privacy.

One-click, everywhere.

Change your identity on 800+ platforms in One-click. Our Mac & Windows apps connect to Discord, VRChat, Zoom, Google Meet, Roblox, Sandbox, Decentraland, OBS/DAWs, YouTube & many more.

Our Mission.

We move online self expression & pseudonymity beyond text. Engage fully in the world of online conferencing, social VR, streaming, gaming, live audio & content creation while crafting a unique identity & preserving your privacy.

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Using MetaVoice.

Choose a voice. Connect everywhere.

Our app changes your voice in real-time, while preserving human emotion. It's like magic, but we're not magicians. We're technologists changing the way people interact online.

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Advanced security standards

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See MetaVoice in action

*this is a concept video of the voice conversion workflow

Help build the future of metaverse communication together.

Our Private Alpha is ready & free to use if you're accepted.

But... what about?

Other AI voice changers

MetaVoice Benefits

Real-time & low latency
Human-like realistic voices
Carry over your emotion
Verifiably unique voices
Mac & Windows ready
No additional hardware

Who are we?


Machine Learning Scientist | Formerly Amazon Alexa & Cambridge Uni


ML & Software Engineer | Product Manager | Formerly Wayve AI self-driving & Microsoft


Prior NFT & AI Startup Founder | Formerly FinTech & Oxford Uni



Q1 2022
Be an OG. Join the Discord & test our private Beta. Get ownership in a project building for the long term.
Q2 2022
Voice conversion NFT release
Staged release of the world's first voice conversion NFTs. Planned support for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu.
Q3 2022
Community requested enhancements
Learn from real world usage. Listen to the community. Add features. Improve quality, reduce latency & more.
Research Milestone 1
Design your own unique voice
Expand the range of unique voices available. Explore user designed & approved celebrity voices.
Research Milestone 2
Accent conversion
Feeling French or British today? No issues: press a button, and embrace your new identity fully.
Research Milestone 3
Anonymise all aspects of how you talk
Change how fast you speak, when you pause, what tone of voice you use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which platforms can I use the voice on?

All of them! The converted voice gets served via a virtual microphone on your Mac or Windows device. This means you can use the voice in over 800+ platforms including Discord, Zoom, Twitter Spaces, Google Meets, VR Chat, Sandbox, Gaming etc.

When can I use these voices?

We expect to be launching fully in Q2 this year. Before then, come join the Discord to get access to our early Beta tech & be part of building the future of voice in the metaverse.

Will I own the voice identity?

If you buy a unique voice NFT, you will own usage rights to that unique voice identity. Of course, you could trade this on a NFT marketplace if you wish, at which point you will no longer be able to use it & will transfer ownership to the new owner.

How many voices will I get?

We haven't decided yet. We will likely sell a number of completely unique 1/1 voices that can only be used by the NFT owner, ideal for unique pseudonymity. We are also considering providing 'voice pack' NFTs for those more interested in playing with many different voices.

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